a new viol…

… without soundpost and bass bar! It’s a copy of an instrument by Pellegrino, beautifully made by Alessandro Lowenberger in Genoa. I’m thrilled to have this instrument to play – the sound is incredibly clear, not too soft but with a real vocal quality. Since graduating from a masters in medieval and renaissance music six years ago, I’d put off and put off investing in a renaissance viol – despite so much of my playing work actually needing one – as I just couldn’t find a model that really convinced me. Well, now I have, and here it is!


We’re getting to know each other, and the process is very exciting. I’ll post some sound clips when I have some to post. In the meantime, here is my Pellegrino with its siblings:

Lowenberger gambas.25a.6.17.jpeg

As with all the best photos, these were taken by Randall Cook, who introduced me to his own Pellegrino a few years ago and inspired me to order my own!


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